Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I get to open the first box in my moo free advent calendar tomorrow!!!!

It has been sitting there taunting me for days!

I'm so excited!

dairy free advent calendar

I know it's far too late to make recommendations for anyone who hasn't got their calendars yet but here's what other vegan advent calendars I could have been nomming had I been greedy enough to want more than one:

Montezuma's Organic Dark Chocolate

Advent Calendar - Dark Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat's Outrageously Priced £18 Advent Calendar (image not representative of real size)

Order Dark Chocolate Xmas Advent Calendar at HotelChocolat.co.uk

Not this year, but in the past Divine have made one- looks yummy!!

Fair Trade Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

I still think I chose the best one!!

I think I should have made this a chocolate blog, I'm really on a roll here, chocs have been mentioned three posts in a row :) I will probably do one more post on the theme of vegan christmas chocolates and then move on to some other kind of bean, the cocoa bean can only bear so much praising!!!

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