Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I've got an idea of why nobody reads my blog...

It's because of all the exclamation marks, isn't it?

Isn't it!!!!!?

Or is it because nobody knows it exists.

I wonder how many blog posts in the history of blogland are about how nobody reads the blog, despite the fact that that person pours their HEART and SOUL into it, and spends days writing and re reading posts, scouring the internet for pictures, and then refresh, refresh, refreshing waiting to see a little comment pop up...

Thank god this is not one of those posts ;)

Well it's nearly Christmas, and I have exams :( that I've been doing my best to avoid. My avoidance tactics so far have been:
-Watching internet videos
- Trying to improve my German
-Starting to tidy my room, then, being overwhelmed by the scale of the task, having a seat and a wee cuppa tea
- Reading
- Looking at facebook (the old favourite)
- Refreshing the comments page on my blog... just kidding!
- Buying Christmas gifts online
- Writing a list of all the Christmas gifts I've bought, and the ones I want to buy
- Reading other people's blogs
- Wrapping Christmas presents
- Writing this blog post

It's worse than ever this year- one of my exams just got cancelled, and I don't have 'the fear' for the other two, but I better get it bloody soon cause I'm working all weekend and this is my small amount of valuable study time dribbling down the drain.

And yet I'm too EXCITED about Christmas to concentrate. Why oh why do I have exams :(

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I get to open the first box in my moo free advent calendar tomorrow!!!!

It has been sitting there taunting me for days!

I'm so excited!

dairy free advent calendar

I know it's far too late to make recommendations for anyone who hasn't got their calendars yet but here's what other vegan advent calendars I could have been nomming had I been greedy enough to want more than one:

Montezuma's Organic Dark Chocolate

Advent Calendar - Dark Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat's Outrageously Priced £18 Advent Calendar (image not representative of real size)

Order Dark Chocolate Xmas Advent Calendar at HotelChocolat.co.uk

Not this year, but in the past Divine have made one- looks yummy!!

Fair Trade Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

I still think I chose the best one!!

I think I should have made this a chocolate blog, I'm really on a roll here, chocs have been mentioned three posts in a row :) I will probably do one more post on the theme of vegan christmas chocolates and then move on to some other kind of bean, the cocoa bean can only bear so much praising!!!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

All because the lady loves...

No, not any kind of tray, milk or otherwise!

What this lady loves right now is MooFree!!! Mmmmmmm moofree. I've just ordered my MooFree advent calendar and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I admit I may be a bit hyper right now as I just ate half a bar of Organica White Chocolate.


It's a misconception that vegans have to give up chocolate. Many even assume that cocoa butter involves some kind of cow lactation in its production. This is because many forget one simple fact. Like most good things (coffee, tofu, soy sauce, Jack's beanstalk) chocolate is made from beans. I'm not going to go into how exactly chocolate is made from these beans because a google search will tell you straight away, but I am going to list and rate some of the best vegan chocolates (whether dark or milk style) and dream of the day I'm given the best job in the world- vegan chocolate taster. Yum.

Starting with my fave, the AMAZING Moo Free.

Many vegan chocolates have the problem of being too sweet (the rice milk varieties) too rich (the dark varieties) or have a funny aftertaste (the soya milk varieties). Well, Moo Free is a rice milk variety which strikes the balance perfectly. Not too sweet, not too rich, it just tastes like great quality milk chocolate, and as it says on the packet, they're setting the cows free! And the wee hamster is cuuuute! Even my mum who is much more discerning than I on the matter of chocolate was impressed. They do seasonal moo free products like advent calendars and easter eggs and also do chocolate drops and truffles. Anyone who wants to buy me the truffles for christmas, would make me a happy girl indeed. Kthnx :)

dairy free milk chocolate bar


Already previously mentioned for their awesome High School Musical lollipops (Sharpe and Chad were munched but I just can't bring myself to unwrap Troy) Kinnerton also do bars of chocolate which, although they are dark chocolate, are sweet enough and not too strongly flavoutred to satisfy even children I'd think. Not very excitingly packaged though, but easy to get from supermarkets which is a bonus.

Dairy Free Bar


I want to like plamil chocolate, I really do. I love the Plamil choc spread I get from the Health Food store, which I eat by the gallon, and I have a tub of plamil mayo that I've yet to try. But having sunk my teeth into both their regular and sugar free varieties, I have to say that I get bored eating it and can't finish the bars. I'm excited to try their rum and raisin variety though, which sounds more up my street!

Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate


I've yet to try Organica's milk style chocolate, but I know I find their white-style chocolate a bit on the oversweet side- it's like eating sweetened fat. I'm guessing that's cause it's mainly cocoa butter (fat) mixed with sugar. But I never liked white chocolate much anyway. My boyfriend on the other hand said it tastes like regular white chocolate, which must be a good thing, because white chocolate is his favourite.

Organica White Chocolate Bar


Divine is fairtrade chocolate that's fairly well known and they produce a dark chocolate that is vegan. It's a little strong tasting for me (probably because it's 75%) but I like that it's an easy to find chocolate when I'm in a pinch.


Humdinger Dairy Free chocolates are in most supermarket's free from section and use soya flour, which I tend to find leaves a funny aftertaste. I have a bar of their chocolate and two or three packets of buttons on my bedside table for emergencies though, and because it's reasonably priced and easy to find it's my go-to milk-style chocolate for baking with.

Dairy Free Range


I can't believe I nearly made a post about chocolate which didn't mention BOOJA BOOJA. That's mostly because this post was meant to be about bars and booja booja make truffles. But boy are they good truffles. My lovely boyfriend sent me some booja booja champagne truffles when I was in France and they were amazing! Can't eat too many of them though (don't look at the nutritional guide on the back it'll give you a heart attack!) I like the banana ones too and the hazelnut are the best. Coffee ones are too strong though!!

Well now after all that you're probably wondering where to buy all these lovely choccies for my Christmas. This list isn't exhaustive, there are many other vegan chocolates out there, and so for the above choccies and many others here are some websites:

Happy chocolate eating!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vegan Halloween

Well, November is world vegan month- how exciting! And I just had my first vegan halloween! My brother and dad carved up some pumpkins, we went to my aunts party (I cooked bloody toes (sosages n ketchup), worms in guts (spag bol), toxic slime (jelly) and pumpkin pasties!) and handed out bags of sweets last Sunday to the various small zombies, witches and ghosts who came to the door!

Of course, one of the big questions on the run up to all hallows eve was what sweets and chocs can I get that are vegan? Here's a run up of the top ten:

Easy to get anywhere, this sugar coated fruit sweetie is cheap, yummy and accessible. It may not win in the health stakes, but who's trying to be healthy at halloween?

Available at Holland and Barrett or online, these smarties without the dairy or enumbers are yummy, but quite expensive to buy.
These are my favourite because there are so many designs!! Thomas the Tank Engine or Ben Ten for the lads and Hannah Montana or High School Musical for the lassies!! I currently have Sharpe, Chad and Troy on my bedside table (I must have accidentally given Gabriella to one of the kids, oops!) Available at most supermarkets.4. STRAWBERRY LACES
A classic, from any supermarket, and you can always say that they're worms ;)

Lollipop, lollipop o lolly lolly lolly lollipop lollipop o lolly lolly lolly LOLLIPOP. Lollitastic!

These say Christmas to me, because I always get a box in my stocking, but they are great for halloween too. And no boiled up skin or bones in sight!

Available in Sainsburys and Tescos. Not my favourite dairy free chocolate, but with milk choc and white choc alternatives they're a good quick fix and great on top of muffins!!

Again the supermarket favourite, with a bit of fizz to give you some halloween fireworks in your mouth.

Can even do this homemade, and stick it in coke if you want to make a yukky non alcoholic halloween cocktail.

The big bags they come in made them super handy for the kids trick or treat bags.

I love halloween, and I love chocolate!!! This list is missing some of my fave vegan choccies so I'll have to do a Vegan Chocolate Top Ten soon!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Disneyland Paris

Boyfriend and I just spent an amazing long weekend at Disneyland Paris, I'd say I wish I was back there but it was a bit exhausting walking around all day and I've got a cold... but I will say that I hope to go back soon! Prior to the trip I was trying to find out about vegan eating possibilities. but only found very limited information- despite this, I discovered it was actually fairly easy to eat healthily and to have satisfying meals, although beware of the junk food culture that comes with the territory!


I packed some pot noodle things as I knew the hotel had a kettle just in case I got really stuck money or choicewise for food. Also brought fruit bars, raisins and nuts which were a godsend when you're wanting a quick energy boost on the go and don't want to queue up for an overpriced snack, plus the fruit bars added to the five-a-day. Score! Boyfriend brought some protein bars but also snaffled some of my snacks too- cheeky!


We stayed at the Dreamcastle hotel which is a free 5 minute bus journey from the parks. Got there and checked in about 4, and were back out at the Disneyland Park at about 5.30pm. Went straight for food at the recommended Agrabah Cafe. This was the most expensive meal of our trip (25 euros each not including drinks) but as it was a buffet it was almost value for money and we both had a great range to eat (he was trying to avoid junk food). Vegan wise this is definitely the best place to eat in the park- all the entrees except one were meat free (watch out as the French don't count fish as meat- I was told that all starters were vegetarian but saw one did contain tuna, it was very noticeable just by looking though) and I am fairly certain there was no egg or dairy- the only thing I forgot to ask about was stock, if any was used it is likely to be meat stock but none of the food tasted like there was stock in it. There was one vegan main and plentiful fruit salad for desert.

LOCATION: Adventureland, the Aladin themed area.
COST: 25 euros pp

Food available: Pasta salad, plain couscous, roasted vegetables, tomato pasta, chickpeas, lentils, rolls, pitta bread, salad, taboule, fruit salad.

DAY 2:

Breakfast at the Dreamcastle is buffet style with both continental and cooked options. If you're not fussy, there were plenty of vegan options- there was even soya milk, which, idiot that I am, I only noticed on the last day!! If in doubt, ask. Also if you're sly you could easily make up salad rolls at the breakfast buffet and take them away for lunch.

RESTAURANT NAME: Dreamcastle Breakfast Buffet
LOCATION: Dreamcastle hotel
COST: 15 euros pp/ Free as guest of hotel

Food available: Coco Pops, muesli, cornflakes, fruit salad, raisins, walnuts, 4 jams, various breads, rolls and baguettes, tea, coffee, soya milk, orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice, apple compote, salad bar (sweetcorn lettuce, carrot, tomato).

After going on a lot of the rides at Disney studios in the morning, we decided to head to the Disney Village, just next to the parks, for lunch, and went to the New York Deli there. There were two vegan options, but they were pretty much the same thing- salad on bread, or salad on a baguette. The salad was made quite yummy though through the addition of guacamole. Also there's a meal deal. Bonus is that the sandwiches are freshly made (so you can modify your order) but service is slooooowww.

RESTAURANT NAME: New York Deli Sandwiches
COST: 5.50 for sandwich, 7.50 for baguette, 11 for meal deal
LOCATION: Disney Village

Food available: Salad and guacamole sandwiches, chunky chips, apples (all three available with a drink as a meal deal)

Then after tackling the three big coasters in the Disneyland Park plus a bunch of other rides, we headed back to the village to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. The atmosphere there was amazing- it's like being in the jungle surrounded by trees, shrubbery and model animals, some of which move!! There are two possible dishes, the pasta was nice but the burger was suspect. Ate here on the last day too.

RESTAURANT NAME: Rainforest Cafe
LOCATION: Disney Village
COST: 16-30 euros per person

Food available: Pasta with veggies but ask for no cheese, or soya burger with no cheese and no sauce, but the burger itself tasted kind of cheesy so may be worth asking what exactly is in it.


Same breakfast, but I'll mention lunch and dinner. Lunch was at the Fuerte Del Oro mexican fast food place opposite Big Thunder Mountain.

LOCATION: Disneyland Park, opposite BTM
COST: 5-15 euros (pp)

Food available: Veggie Taco Salad, but the 'taco' is questionable, they call it a 'wheat pancake' in the description and it's not like a corn taco or a fajita- ask what's in it. Mexican chips, Nachos with salsa and guacamole

Dinner was at Planet Hollywood. A bit of a disappointment, though we had fun trying to name all the actors on the wall.

RESTAURANT NAME: Planet Hollywood
LOCATION: Disney Village
COST: 15-30 euros per person

Food available: Tomato Pasta, ask for no cheese (mine came with cheese even though I asked so had to be sent back and remade) veggie burger made with 'mixed vegetables' which I didn't try so you'd have to ask what's in it.

Day 4

Our last day was a bit of a slow one cause boyfriend was feeling ill (now I've caught it off him!) so we had quite a chilled out day with an early night. Lunch was from the cafe on Mainstreet which I've forgotten the name of, but we took it out and watched cartoons in the Videopolis.

LOCATION: Mainstreet USA, Disneland Park
COST: 5-10 euros pp

Food available: A veggie bap which had parmesan on the ingredients list. I asked for it to be made without and she told me they couldn't make to order but there was no parmesan in it any more. Just to be sure, I told her I was allergic to milk so she checked with the chef, her manager, then the chef again before assuring me there was no parmesan, since I figured they were unlikely to risk a law suit I believed her. The veggies were courgettes and aubergines I think, it was quite nice. Also there are apples, bananas and ready salted crisps here.

Dinner was back to the rainforest cafe for the suspect veggie burger which came with fries.

I also noticed a couple other options which I didn't try, which were the spaghetti nepolitan from the Bella Notte restaurant in Fantasyland, and the baked potato with veggie bean chilli from Billy Bob's restaurant in the Disney Village.

Widely available are popcorn, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, orange juice or fizzy drinks, chips and fruit salad pots. There's a Starbucks in the Disney Village which has soya milk if you fancy a coffee or hot chocolate when you're out!

OVERALL: I had a great holiday which, with a little forward planning, was not marred by my need to find vegan restaurants. I easily lasted the three days, although I'd have liked a bit more green leafy veggies/ broccoli for iron but I can catch up now I'm home!!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Wash Your Face

Veganism is still a fairly 'new' concept for most people- the vegan society actually started over 50 years ago, but because vegan numbers have only grown slowly, many are still not aware of what a vegan is, or see vegans as some weird radicals who chain themselves to tress (thank you the Simpsons! :P). In fact even though I've been a (nearly) lifelong vegetarian, until recently I had a very skewed concept of what veganism was. It wasn't until I started reading and exploring the subject, and I watched Meet Your Meat, that I started to understand why someone would be a vegan, and since that turning point the rest of my journey so far has been discovering how one is vegan. What to eat, wear, what products to use, what restaurants to go to- I learn more each day. Coming up for having been vegan for four months, I noticed that while a lot of vegan products have been reviewed, many haven't, plus I like reviewing things. So that's what squeaky clean vegan bean is for- squeaky clean because I want to review toiletries as well as food!

Star System: * = rubbish **= not great ***= OK ****= good *****= brilliant!

Face Wash

I've only tried two so far, both from Lush. Here's what I think.

Aqua Marina

Price: ***
Appearance: ***
Smell: ****
Effectiveness: ***

Paraben free and with what seems to be a chemical free recipe. Looks abit squidgy and pink with green bits of seaweed that fall onto the sink and have to be cleaned off after. However it has a nice, mild scent and feels soft and smooth against the skin. My two main complaints would be that it doesn't wash off too easily, and isn't very visible on my skin so I sometimes ended up with little pink dobs of it still on my face, plus that it has no 'scrub' in it so doesn't feel very strong acting/ exfoliating. But other than that it was nice and it lasted a long time- I kept using it after the expiry date and it was fine.


Price: ***
Appearance: **
Smell: ***
Effectiveness: ****

This is my current cleanser, again with no parabens and very natural- it's green, dry and crumbly, and smells very herby, which is fine but not hugely appealing. It does seem pretty effective though, as it contains crushed almonds which exfoliate, plus I only need a very small piece each time so I think it will last me ages (although it's worth bearing in mind that there's an expiry date). Overall however for scent and appearance I prefer Aqua Marina.

I think next time I'm going to try Angels on Bare Skin which may be a happy medium between the two. I also wouldn't mind trying other face washes/ cleansers which are not from Lush but will need to do some research into which are vegan!