Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I've got an idea of why nobody reads my blog...

It's because of all the exclamation marks, isn't it?

Isn't it!!!!!?

Or is it because nobody knows it exists.

I wonder how many blog posts in the history of blogland are about how nobody reads the blog, despite the fact that that person pours their HEART and SOUL into it, and spends days writing and re reading posts, scouring the internet for pictures, and then refresh, refresh, refreshing waiting to see a little comment pop up...

Thank god this is not one of those posts ;)

Well it's nearly Christmas, and I have exams :( that I've been doing my best to avoid. My avoidance tactics so far have been:
-Watching internet videos
- Trying to improve my German
-Starting to tidy my room, then, being overwhelmed by the scale of the task, having a seat and a wee cuppa tea
- Reading
- Looking at facebook (the old favourite)
- Refreshing the comments page on my blog... just kidding!
- Buying Christmas gifts online
- Writing a list of all the Christmas gifts I've bought, and the ones I want to buy
- Reading other people's blogs
- Wrapping Christmas presents
- Writing this blog post

It's worse than ever this year- one of my exams just got cancelled, and I don't have 'the fear' for the other two, but I better get it bloody soon cause I'm working all weekend and this is my small amount of valuable study time dribbling down the drain.

And yet I'm too EXCITED about Christmas to concentrate. Why oh why do I have exams :(

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