Monday, 30 May 2011

Supermarket Sweep

Being a herbivore on the cheap!

I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, and I'm always checking Holland and Barrett for any reduced items they may have- for example I recently found milk-choc style easter eggs (125g) reduced to £1.99 and soya free cheezly on offer at £1.68, plus I love when they do buy-one- get- one half price. Other ways I get cheap vegan treats are via the Animal Aid special offers section- Viva sale section- and Alternative stores sale section-

However 'special' vegan foods are generally not that cheap so it's often better to go with a diet that's largely pulses, grains, veggies, fruits and nuts. It pays to shop around as each supermarket has it's pluses and downsides. I love food shopping!

I only discovered Aldi recently thinking it would be the same as lidl- it's not, it's so much better! One of the great things they do is good prices on fruit and veg: (warning, meat on that page too) watch out they're not spanish cucumbers though! The six 39p items change each week, meaning it's easy to have variety. Last week I really enjoyed the green beans but this week I'm looking forward to the radishes in salad!

A couple of other great finds recently have been the Granovita vegan pates (vegetable, olive and mushroom):

at 59p rather than the £1.29 charged in H&B. Also the humous is quite good, but I prefer sainsburys basic stuff. The spicy crisps at £1 are not bad and the tinned kidney beans at 18p are amazing!


Probably my favourite of the supermarkets, I generally pick up some of their 'no frills' garlic bread, humous

and tortillas (I could dip their humous into tortillas all day) , as well as their 59p soya milk which is fortified with vitamins B12 and D2. Also last time I got a bunch of leafy green pre washed salads reduced to 25p because of their BBE. I love my salads, and I'm a bit lazy with washing lettuce so that was great. I also got some jammy dodgers 2 for £1. I like their basics vegetable burgers which are £1 for 4 jazzed up with vegan mayo and tomato relish:

If You're Feeling a Bit Frilly:
Other great finds at Sainsburys which weren't exactly bargains include 2 for £3 cartons of smoothies, vegan naan (the Be Good to Yourself 6 small ones for £1.29) and chocolate bars:

For 79p each as well as a box of chocolate caramels for £2.99. Oh and swedish glace ice cream for £2.99. Also Cauldron have just brought out a new 'chickpea and sweet potato' roast which we had for dinner tonight and it was yum. They also recently had Pure spread for £1:


This is the bf's favourite and the closest to our house. I don't find them particularly great, as their soya milk is expensive, but I have found bargain marzipan and chocolate there before. More generally they do a garlic flatbread for £1 something which is great for a pizza base, and they tend to have Original Source shower gel for £1. They also have a good price on flaxseed at the free from section. I love their dark chocolate spread which is £1, and Linda McCartney sausages are £1 too.

A Less Smart Price

Asda do a good vegan wine for about £6 which is organic and fairtrade:

And Dairy Free Fudge for £2.99 in the free from section. They also sell nice apple and blackcurrant pies.


I haven't been to Tesco in a while... can't really think of anything specific except they also do swedish glace. Oh and their value soya milk is well priced, fortified and organic. I think they had the best price for vegan parmesan, but it might have been Asda.


Have been known to do Redwoods Vegi Deli slices for £1:
Meat Free Sage and Onion slices

I also love their dark chocolate chip cookies which were in the £1 region.


Good for Linda McCartney sausages and mince, and sometimes have Birds Eye vegetable fingers for £1:

As well as 5 Ruffle bars for £1:

and last but not least...


This place can be an unexpected treasure trove, with 19p Pink Panther wafers and £1 cherry and flaxseed cereal and jammy dodgers.

Ok there were probably hundreds and hundreds more things, what's everyone else's favourite supermarket bargains and luxuries?


I read his poetry about how vegetarians are cruel to vegetables as a child and didn't realise until recently that he's a long-term vegan himself!

Benjamin Zephaniah recently advocated veganism in a vegan soc video, but here's a slightly older vid from 1994- love the cheesy 90s vibe!:

Freakin' awesome :D and featuring Safeway, ahh nostalgia! Great poetry too.


And he hated the foxhunting season."


  1. I'm a Home Bargains addict! Went in today and got various flavours of Kettle Chips and 39p bags of almonds for work snacks. They often have big boxes of popcorn too for 79p to sneak into the cinema. Thanks for the Aldi tip off about the pates - will stock up!

  2. I think farmfoods garlic bread is vegan too and cheap!