Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Firstly, a disclaimer. I somehow accidentally ended up following my own blog. I will defollow when I work out how to do so, but just in case anyone thinks I did it to make myself look cooler, like, hey, I have 11 followers, not 10! :P

It's that exam time, and I'm recovering from a cold, and I think study stress plus lazing about all day plus having a cold is making me overeat. Today alone I have had a large fruit smoothie, two slices of toast with pure marg, a fruit bowl, 2 chocolate truffles (the indulgent but calorific Booja Booja flamb├ęd banana kind) a huge bowl of 2 veg sausages, cheezy mash , carrots and swede, 3 digestives with chocolate spread, a glass of vanilla rice milk, a cup of tea, 2 plums, and then dinner of stir fry, noodles and a spring roll. This seems like rather a lot, but every hour or so I get hungry! I'm sure it's because of the cold, because I wasn't so hungry before then!

Being exam time, I need to study some more so I have time to watch the Apprentice but I thought I'd pop in since it had been a while. I now have two holidays lined up, and the chance to sample the vegan cuisine of two new countries- I'm going to Bremen, Germany, in June for three days for my mum's big birthday (I'll not say how old she is, just in case, but it's a biggie so I'm sure you can guess!) and have already checked Happy Cow and found 3 veg restaurants. I'll do a post about how it was when I get back! I'm also going to Dublin for 2 days in August to meet up with my flatmate from France who I haven't seen in nearly a year and I've missed a lot! :) She doesn't live in Dublin, she's from Austria, but she'll be in Dublin with friends so I decided to get cheap flights and meet up with them.

Here are some photos of food I've made recently (but before exam time and before I had a cold), since I never put any of my (usually not very photogenic) creations up on here. Nothing like all the other foodie bloggers post, sadly:
Stir Fry with noodles and vegan chicken-style pieces
Chocolate cake I made for my Dad's Birthday
Pizza Kirsti-style with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce and heaps of rocket and parmazano (vegan parmesan)
Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream (swedish glace)

Gosh I'm starting to feel hungry again!

Famous vegan of the post:

I decided to go for a food-themed Famous vegan today, but healthy food:

Fiona Apple is an amazing singer, I've liked her music for about 4 years, since I picked up two of her CDs in a boxset for £5 at FOPP. I only found out she was vegan very recently, and didn't realise she was as well known as she is. I don't know a huge amount about her other than I love her music, but here's an interview where she talks about herself and mentions her love of animals and veganism:

Quote of the Post:

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.
—Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist (1828–1910)

Well, I'd better go get a wee bit more studying in, then I'll have to get my sugar fix!! Oh, Alan Sugar that is ;)

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