Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I've wanted to do a post about vegan make-up for ages, I don't know what was stopping me. Maybe it was that unrelenting need to post about chocolate. Anyway, having been a vegan for over a year now, I have had a chance to use quite a lot of different vegan make-up. The main brands I use are Beauty without Cruelty, Urban Decay, Bare Faced Beauty and Barry M.

The only liquid vegan foundation I have used is by BWC. I have heard unconfirmed rumours that MAC is vegan, and think Urban Decay foundation may be, but otherwise don't know any other brands. I got a lot of it cheap at the Animal Aid online shop, but they seem to be phasing out the cheap stuff and replacing it with a £12 variety... It's not that good to be honest, I get a lot of spots after wearing it and even the lightest shade is a tad too orange. However I can't afford MAC or UD atm but I might ask for some for my birthday.

I have also tried powder foundation/ mineral make up from Bare Faced Beauty

Mini Foundation
I have only tried the testers as again £14.00 is too much for me to spend if I don't know if I will like it. With these the problem I have had is that the ones I have tried have been too white, and it kind of shows up 'powdery' on my skin and bits of it rub off making my face look red and patchy :(. Which is a shame as I wanted to like it. It also gives me bad skin afterwards.


I have much more luck with this than foundation. My favourite is a pallet my good friend got me (her blog is These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends if you want to check it out :) ) by Urban Decay:

The box itself is stunning with lots of animals and the slogan 'We don't test on animals- why would anyone?' And the shades are a mix of neutral and a bit more glittery for a night out.

I also like BareFacedBeauty mineral eyeshadows.

Mineral Eye Shadow


I love my eyeliner. It's weird because I'm very funny about eyes (I hate when people pull them down and hate to watch someone putting their contacts in... eeee) and I used to hate having eyeliner or mascara anywhere near them. But now if I'm putting on make up, I'll put on eyeliner. My eyes feel bare without it. The BWC eyeliner is ok but a bit 'hard' and can almost hurt to put on:

I love the Urban Decay one but have the opposite problem- the pencil part is so soft it breaks off when I try to sharpen it! And the wood part is really hard so it ends up all jaggy and I'm scared of poking my eye. I probably should get a special eyeliner sharpener rather than using an old blunt one from school :P


I have only ever used BWC and it's fine by me:


I don't really wear lipstick, although I have tried a couple of BWCs and they didn't suit me. I love Barry M's lipglosses though:

And thus concludes my vegan make up collection. Does anybody use anything different? Any recommendations? My birthday is coming up and I'm keen to try something new :)


I wanted a model because this post was about make-up and I've had an actor, politician, musician and athlete so far. Some sources say Kate Moss is vegan but it seems doubtful as she advertises Rimmel (tests on animals) and has been seen to wear fur, although she did date Jamie Hince from the Kills who definitely is vegan. Anyway I realised that besides Kate Moss, I couldn't think of any models. Although there is a former model and now activist who has had a pretty bad press but who is behind some of the yummiest ready to eat vegan foods I've ever had- redwoods-

Heather Mills may not have always been on the right side of public opinion, but having had a look at what she's used her fame for, such as being a goodwill ambassador for work to combat land mines as well as encouraging healthy eating Plus no matter what anyone says I will love her forever for Redwoods <3


Albert Einstein, physicist, 1921 Nobel Prize recipient:
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."


  1. I couldn't live without Barry M liquid eyeliner! Takes a bit of practice to switch from pencil to liquid but I much prefer it. I know what you mean about foundations, I've tried Lavera and BWC and found that they just don't give good coverage. And as for Heather - I went to see her do a VIVA roadshow and I must say she impressed me - she definitely has a lot of drive and passion for veganism.

  2. Yeah some Mac products are vegan but you have to check the ingredients. I use the Lily Lolo powder foundation and the Lush concealer stuff that you can mix with moisturiser to make it tinted. I've never been a huge make-up person so those are for light coverage I would say.

    I totally agree @TeaandSympatico on the Barry M eyeliner it's amazing and really good value for money. I want to like the Urban Decay ones but I find them hard to apply. I also love the Barry M nailpaints. :)

    Urban Decay eyeshadows are my favourite too, you can't go wrong with them.

    Apparently e.l.f. makeup is vegan, and I've tried some of it but am not sure whether all of their stuff is, it's really cheap though.

    Great post :)

  3. @Tea and Sympatico thanks for the tip, I've used liquid liner before in my pre vegan days (virgin vie if I remember correctly) and I wasn't very good with it and it often ended up smeared. But I'm older and wiser now so maybe I'll give it a go again!

    Watching videos I got a good feeling about Heather Mills but she has that kind of PETAish rep in the media. I forgot about Lavera, I've seen it but not tried it.

    @Ingrid OMG yeah nail varnish, can't believe I forgot to mention that. I love Barry M for that, I love bright nail colours :) I've thought of trying that Lush stuff, I like it pretty light on the foundation side of things too but I'm very pale and find it difficult to find shades to suit. e.l.f I've not heard of, is that on the high street?