Friday, 1 April 2011

Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits

Nah, don't worry... chocolate wabbits!

1. Cocoa Loco Rabbit Lolly- £1.20

Cocoa Loco Rabbit Lolly

2. Humdinger Easter Bunny- £2.99

Has been seen in Sainsburys, but may well be in other supermarkets (probably at the 'free from' section too.) Also online at various places including:

3. Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny- £2.99

Gold Bunny Dark 100g by Lindt Chocolate Image 1
Rather elusive, this fellow, but has been seen in Tesco (2 for £7) available in lots of places online such as:

4. Montezumas Dark Mini Bunnies- £4.50 (or 3 for £12)

Montezuma's Cheeky Easter Bunny

5. The Chocolate Wendy House sitting/ standing rabbits- £4.95

6. Gift Bag of 5 Dairy Free Bunnies- £4.95

Dairy-free Bunnies (Gift bag of 5 dark chocolate rabbits)
Delivery is expensive (£3.95) as it's a Finnish company, but it's too complicated for me to include delivery in every price!

7. Plastic Bunny filled with Moo Free Choc Drops- £4.99

Is this cheating? I don't care. It looks like a bunny and it tastes like chocolate so it's good enough for me.

8. Viva! Organic 'Milk' chocolate almond butter rabbit- £4.99

9. D&D hollow dark chocolate bunny- £5.24

Hollow Chocolate Bunny 100g

10. Cocoa Loco Rabbit filled with Dark Chocolate Buttons- £5.99

A Rabbit Filled with Jumbo Buttons.

11. Chocolate Tree Dark Chocolate Bunny- £6


Says dairy free but you may want to enquire as to full ingredients- soooo cute though!

12. Dammenberg Dairy Free Easter Bunny- £8.95

Dairy-free Easter Bunny (Nut-free, Milk-free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Vegan)


  1. I'm impressed! I now have a strong chocolate craving, and an urge to see if I can find a similar range of options for us Australian vegans... :-)

  2. Hehe well my search started online but this weekend I've checked out supermarkets too. It's nice to see that there's a big range out there as I went vegan at around this time last year and I remember panicking that I'd never have an easter egg again!

  3. I really want to try one of those rabbit things from Viva!