Sunday, 3 April 2011

Good things come in small packages

Ok, maybe not all good things ;) but mini eggs are certainly an example!

Tomorrow is my veganniversary! I will probably forget to post, but to be fair it's hard to even remember at this time of year. Today is Mother's Day, tomorrow I'm going for lunch with my Mr's parents as it's their 25th Wedding Anniversary, tomorrow is also my Gran's birthday and Tuesday is my Dad's birthday, and my aunt's! Busy few days.

I'm going to cook dinner for my family soon, but here's a quick mini egg roundup since Easter is getting ever closer, just a few weeks to go!

1. Vegan Creme Egg- £1.20 I'm informed that this is where animal aid got their creme eggs from last year, not sure if that's true or not but vegan creme eggs= awesome :)

2. Favorina Marzipan Mini Eggs- £1.37
The mini eggs are on the left and the larger egg (99p) is on the right. I've just bought and tried them and they are yummy- the marzipan is not as high quality as some I've tried, they are definitely very high sugar, but tasty and nice and if I got some of these for Easter I wouldn't turn my nose up! Available at Aldi and Lidl.

3. Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs from Poundland- £1
Item image
Also on Ebay

4. Divine Dark Mini Eggs- £4.25
These are nice, I got some for Christmas. Would be good for an Easter Egg hunt. Available at Oxfam as well as online:$ja=tsid:8751|prd:veganfamily

5. Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Eggs with Almond Praline- £4.85
Montezuma's Chocolate Egg Cube Almond Praline

These I have actually tried!! And they are delicious, I have the empty box on my desk :( Want to fill it up for me? Contained around 8 or 9 eggs I think.

6. Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Praline Egg Halves- £4.99
Dark Chocolate Praline Egg.

7. Dietary Needs Direct Mini Eggs- £5.19

8. Cocoa Loco Easter Egg Carton- £5.50
Cocoa Loco Mini Organic Easter Eggs Carton

9. D & D 20 hollow mini eggs (20g each)- £7.88
Hollow 20g Eggs x 10
They also have 12 eggs for £6.79 in a box and various other combos.

10. Rawr Organic Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs- £8.95
Rawr Organic Raw Chocolate Solid Easter Eggs
You get 4 eggs- After Dinner mint, orange Zest, dark Purity, and Intensity- and at 70g each with the added health benefit of them being raw, plus they look amazing, if I still had a job I'd buy them!

More generally I also found this site:

There used to be vegan 'mini eggs' like the cadburys ones from Whizzers but nowhere seems to have them in stock any more... if anyone has seen them recently please let me know!

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