Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Eggless Eggness

The great thing about easter eggs is that they don't need to involve eggs at all... it's all about the chocolate, baby!! There are way more vegan easter options than there were advent calendars, practically enough to have a different easter treat every day in April! (Unless you gave up chocolate for lent, in which case- what were you thinking!!!?

UPDATE: What I've seen in supermarkets and on the High Street:

Celtic Choices Milk- £3.99 Holland and Barrett
Celtic Choices Dark- £3.39 Waitrose/ £3.99 Holland and Barrett
Kinnerton Large with Bar of Chocolate- £5 Asda
Divine Dark Chocolate Egg with Brazil Nuts- £4.99 Oxfam

DISCLAIMER: While I have done my best to read ingredients/ look at manufacturers information, and the eggs within this post are vegan to the best of my knowledge, this is not a guarantee. Please do your own research prior to purchase and read the ingredients if possible.

Firstly, here's the traditional 'single egg, sometimes with some extra sweets' easter options, in price order:

1. Kinnerton Simpsons/ Tigger Egg- £1.99

Kids Dairy Free Egg

Available at Sainsburys, and with vegan jellies inside- haven't tried it yet, been pestering my mum to take me!!! [In the end I got to Sainsburys and they had no vegan easter eggs- rubbish!]

2. Choices 'Milk Style' Egg- £3.29

Available at Sainsburys. 'Milk style' and includes chocolate discs. I bought one the other day from Holland and Barret, they had about 6 of the dark one and just one of these! I've eaten half the discs already they were yummy!! It's a lot smaller than it looks in this picture though. Just 125g of chocolate.

3. Celtic Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Chocolate Mints- £3.35

Celtic Free From Egg

Again I've heard of this being in shops- Waitrose- and saw it today! Also seen in Holland and Barrett for £3.99.

4. THE MOO FREE- £3.99

dairy free milk chocolate easter egg

The grandaddy of all easter treats, the moo free, while small, is guaranteed to be yummylicious. I have asked for one from Mr nonveganbean, he had better remember! Available here:

5. Divine with Dark Chocolate Brazils- £4.99

Divine Fairtrade Easter Eggs

I love love love dark choc brazils so this is another one I'm keen on. Should be in some supermarkets. Available at Oxfam shops for £4.99.
A mini version for £3 available at Waitrose.

6. Browne's Dark Chocolate Easter Egg- £5

From Waitrose. With dried fruit.

7. Kinnerton Adult Egg- £5

Kinnerton Luxury Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Egg 195g

Should be able to get it in some supermarkets. Seen at Asda for £5. Also here:

8. D&D Boxed Hollow Egg- £5.35

Hollow 100g Egg Boxed There are also some cute easter egg and fluffy toy combos!

9. Thorntons Dark Egg- £6.50

Dark Chocolate Egg (340g)
Online at or in store at Thorntons.

10. Montezumas Chunky Dark Egg- £7.30 or £14.50 for two

11. Hotel Chocolat Seriously Dark Egg Sandwich- £8

Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich

12. DND Larger Egg with 4 Mini Eggs- £8.95

13. Booja Booja Truffles Egg- £8.99

Booja-Booja Champagne Truffle Easter Egg 35g
I like booja booja, but 35g of chocolate for £9?! It's a good cause though, hand decorated.

14. Chocolate Wendy House Egg and Creme Egg and 8 mini eggs- £9.95

Could it be? A vegan creme egg? I know these were available on Animal Aid last year but this is the only place I've seen them this year, home made-

15. D & D 250 gram egg-£10.99

Hollow 250g Egg

16. Inca Gold Egg- £11

From Waitrose. Pretty big.

17. Cocoa Loco Sparkling Egg with Chocolate Buttons- £11.99

18. Chocolate Trading Co Oeuf Noir- £13.95

Oeuf Noir, dark chocolate Easter egg

19. Hotel Chocolat Eggsposé Egg- £14

Dark Chocolate Easter Eggsposé

WANT! But £14 is a bit much for chocolate.

20. Montezumas Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark- £17.49

Single Origin Thick Shell Egg: Ecuadorian Dark

Eeek. I'd have to be a very lucky girl to get that from the easter bunny.

Mini Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies still to come!

Also here are Carob easter products I didn't include because (Sorry) carob is not chocolate!


  1. They also do the Choices "milk" one in Sainsbury for £3.29 :)

  2. Thanks witchy! I've included it now. I had to take the Tesco one away as my mum confirmed today it has beeswax :( but still, 17 vegan easter egg options is by no means bad!

  3. Nope!

    I'm making white vegan creme eggs this year as those ones from Wendy's the chocolate is too dark for me. lol

    You can use my picture for the choices one if you like: then it will be bigger :)

  4. Thanks! I've put it in. Um it's a bit too big lol I'm sure I could make it smaller but I'll sort it later. Hope your creme eggs turn out well!