Sunday, 13 February 2011

Vegan Valentines

Well, I've had my first Vegan Easter, my first Vegan Birthday, my first Vegan Trip to Disneyland, my first Vegan Halloween and my first Vegan Christmas... now for my first Vegan Valentine's Day!!!

Normally valentines day would be much less challenging than any of those other things because we would just go out to eat, and I can almost always find something at restaurants.

But this year I said I'd cook.

I love cooking, but I normally prefer to cook for myself because I worry that I will disappoint other people with my food. Particularly my counterpart, Mr nonVeganBean, since his favourite foods are:
1. Pizza
2. Beef burger
3. Chicken

And that's pretty much it, well, except for garlic bread, salad, and tiger rolls. So my plan is to make a meal that involves garlic bread, salad and tiger rolls. The obvious solution is to add pizza to the meal, since vegan pizza is easy to make and he's had it before and liked it. But pizza isn't very valentines-y, particularly since we have it all the time. So I've settled on a slightly more ambitious menu, and tomorrow my culinary skills will be put to the test. I've picked a couple of recipes from Veganomicon.

Oatcakes with Mushroom Paté

Chickpea cutlet in a tiger roll with fried onions, spicy tomato relish and melted mozarella cheezly
served with
Green salad and home-made italian dressing
Garlic ciabatta

Fresh fruit salad

Personally I'd have a more ambitious desert involving cake and ice cream, but he wouldn't eat it as he doesn't really 'do' deserts, probably just as well as I'd get carried away making the desert and mess up the rest of it!

I'll post at some point saying how it went. I probably shouldn't be nervous, if I mess up there's always pizza as a back up, but I really hope it goes down well. Oh yeah and he does know I'm making a vegan meal and it didn't seem to bother him at all, so at least I'm not dealing with a big-fat-greek-wedding-style horrified face and 'what? no meat?' :)

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