Sunday, 30 January 2011

10 things you thought vegans couldn't eat...

Even my last post wasn't very good, I didn't really eloquently explain the reasons I'm vegan and what I have written is quite confusing.

Anyway, there are others out there who have shown/ explained things much more effectively than I ever can:

Sooo I'll go back to what I like to do, which is talking about food!!!


10. Quiche- Tofu is the best egg substitute around, a very firm tofu has a cooked-egg like texture, and with some salt, turmeric, soy sauce and pepper, tofu can make a good 'scrambled egg' type food. But it's also great pureed and used with veggies in a pastry case to make quiche! Or if you're lazy (like me) you can just buy some from Holland and Barrets:

9. Marshmallows- even vegetarians can't eat marshmallows, right? Well, ordinarily marshmallows use gelatine, but there are vegan versions on the market, which look, feel, and I would think (though it's ages since I've had a meaty marshmallow) taste like a marshmallow made with gelatine:

Ananda Mini Marshmallows

8. Caramel Shortcake- Yes siree, some magical person has veganised this former favourite afternoon tea treat. I can't eat too much though because it's so sweet:

Millionaires Shortbread Caramel Shortbread

Ok Ok I know what you're saying- vegans can only eat 'special' versions of these foods, not the 'normal' ones. Well here are some foods which are vegan even though they are not very special at all.

7. Starburst- I wouldn't eat them because of the hydrogenated fat and general destruction they are likely to do on a body, but they are nevertheless vegan:

6. Biscuits- I'm pretty sure some people think biscuits, as a general category, are not vegan. If this was true, what on earth would I dunk in my tea? For some good tea dunking suggestions see:

Oh yes and all these biscuits are vegan:

So get dunking!!!

5. Gravy- traditionally very very made of animals, vegan gravy is actually widely available, and there's an old favourite that you may be surprised about. Ahhh...

4. Pastry- sometimes made with butter, but vegan options are really readily available:

3. And on the subject of pastry- croissants!:

I made these the other day with some dark chocolate wrapped up in them- delicious!!

2. Ok I'm back to the 'special' food now- Whipped Cream:

Soyatoo! Dairy Free Rice Spray Cream 250ml

1. Ice Cream- The thing I am most happy about- that there is vegan ice cream!!!

This is the worthenshaws ice cream-style dessert from that girl who won Dragons Den. It's on offer at Asda for £2 so my mum bought eight, yes that's EIGHT tubs for our freezer. I haven't tried it yet.

My personal fave, and I've had omnivores tell me it tastes better than real ice cream, whatever that means!!

I've seen these in Holland and Barrett and always wanted to try them, but I worry about getting home before they melt!


  1. 'Meaty marshmallows' made me laugh.

  2. Homemade is better anyway. ;) That is one of my goals, to try and mostly eat homemade things as they don't contain dubious and suspicious ingrediants. :)

    Marshmallows in hot choc...mmmmmm I hate the freedom icecream though, it isn't creamy! Therefore not ice cream! lol

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